Industrial Sheds

Industrial Sheds to Protect your Business

Solid, spacious, functional sheds sit at the heart of industry and commerce

Whether you’re in the business of manufacturing, packing or retail or you need a large sports complex or mechanical workshop a high quality steel shed is essential for your business.

We design and build industrial wide span sheds for all commercial, warehouse, factory, workshop, sports complex, and school hall uses.

We build ‘em super tough so they’ll withstand anything the harsh Australian climate dishes out. Protective sheds protect your business and plant operations with solid steel.

Strong Sheds for Australian Conditions

Sheds built to withstand the harsh Australian weather conditions

Types of Industrial Sheds

We can make sure your industrial shed needs are covered with the Protective Shed range of open ended, fully enclosed, barn style, or mono-pitch sheds, and gable or skillion style carports.

We can design Protective sheds to any length with heights up to 6 metres and spans of up to 25 metres. And with superior I-Beam column and rafter or welded web truss construction Protective Sheds are suitable for any industrial/ commercial use including:

  • Car dealerships or rental car agencies
  • Sports/ gym facilities
  • Boat building or mechanical workshops
  • Multiple tenancy commercial centres
  • Commercial storage units
  • Aircraft hangars

The list is endless because our advanced custom design tools and superior steel construction techniques give us the ability to design your shed the way you want it.

Additional options such as roller or sliding doors, internal walls, skylights, vermin proof flashings, and insulation provide for ultimate design and function flexibility. We use super precise 3D design tools that allow you to see an accurate image of your new shed and even take a virtual walk through it.

Commercial Storage Units

Protective Sheds can design and build commercial storage units

Industrial Shed Manufacturers

A well-designed industrial shed gives you real peace of mind

When we manufacture Protective sheds we adhere to four core pillars of design and construction excellence.

These four pillars ensure all our sheds meet the highest Australian and international industry standards and that your shed will probably still be working hard long after you’ve retired.

Exceeding Industry Standards

Our sheds are built to exceed Australian and International building standards

1. Our sheds are UltraSafe certified. The UltraSafe certification guarantees that the shed meets or exceeds all Australian and New Zealand building code and engineering requirements including wind and snow loadings.

These requirements include:

  • AS1170.0, AS1170.1, AS1170.3, AS1170.4, AS4100, AS4600, AS2870
  • Building Code of Australia Vol. 1 & 2
  • LHL Testing requirements and ShedTech Compliance Statements
  • Bracing Calculations
  • WindCheck Windspeed Certificate
  • Portal frame and purlin utilisation certificates

Our UltraSafe certification is also your assurance that we follow all the Steel Shed Groups Design Guidelines for safe shed engineering designs.

2. Our engineers are fully qualified and licensed with National and regional Accreditation (NPER) for signing off designs in every state within Australia. Legal compliance for every building we sign off is guaranteed. This gives you real peace of mind.

3. Our design software is ShedSafe approved. ShedSafe is an accreditation system managed by the Australian Steel Institute to establish the highest standards in the shed building industry. We use an innovative 3D design software called ‘ShedTech’.

ShedTech is state of the art software that allows us to design your shed in minutes and provide accurate quotes.

Thanks to its ShedSafe® accreditation you can rest easy knowing that ShedTech will ensure your shed design meets or exceeds all Australian building codes and standards.

4. Protective Sheds is part of the Shed Alliance, the largest network of independent shed builders in Australia. We’re backed up by more than 30 years of successful shed design and manufacture and with national steel purchasing power providing cheaper prices we can pass on real value for money to our customers.

When you think you’re ready for a super size me industrial shed at affordable prices talk to the friendly experts at Protective Sheds.

Super Size Shed Experts

Protective Sheds can provide our customers with a super size shed at affordable prices

Industrial Shed Design

We design and manufacture all types of industrial sheds according to your requirements

These include:

  • Portal sheds up to 25 metres wide
  • Skillion sheds up to 12 metres wide
  • Barns and open gable
  • Gable and skillion carports
  • Attached awnings
  • Patios and stud frame buildings

We use the industry-leading 3D design software package called ShedTech. This allows us to instantly make any changes you require and display the result for you in full colour 3D imagery. All the engineering calculations are taken care of.

Sheds for Office Space

Customise sheds for commercial complexes

You can play around with the number of bays, add internal partition walls, roller doors, completely alter the shed type or roof pitch or add in additional options such as mezzanine floors or windows. ShedTech software does it all instantly and precisely.

Thinking about adding some Whirlybird ventilators or adding an office space with a sliding glass door? You can even take a virtual walk through your shed to get a feel for how your design really stands up to your requirements.

ShedTech also gives you the advantage of an instant and precise record of every shed inclusion and pricing details. ShedTech: it’s better all round.

Take a standard design and customise the shed to your requirements. Choose from different cladding profiles such as traditional corrugated sheeting or go with Trimdek (square fluted) or Multiclad (low rib) for a more contemporary look.

Modified Commercial Sheds

Sheds can be modified to add windows and doors

Optional Extras

Protective Sheds offer a special range of optional design extras to make your shed really special

Full customisation options include:

  • Partition walls (as many as you need and where you want them)
  • Roller doors (and motors with remote control)
  • Sliding glass doors or personal access doors (with or without security screens)
  • Windows—with or without security or fly screens
  • Whirlybirds and ventilators—for increased cooling, ventilation and fume removal
  • Vermin flashings
  • Insulation
  • Mezzanine floors and awnings

And naturally we also offer a complete range of colour customisation possibilities too thanks to our superior Colorguard range of coloured steel products.

Sheds with Roller Doors & Awnings

Customise sheds to include roller doors and awnings

Colour Range

We offer the Colorguard range of superior steel products with more standard colours than our competitors (including discontinued Colorbond colours). We can also provide any custom colour you choose.

Advanced paint adhesion properties and thermotechnology means the colours provide an impenetrable climate barrier and even reduce heat absorption from the hot summer sun.

Now you can be truly creative with your shed colour scheme. Mix and match colours for different parts of the shed such as flashings, guttering, cladding, or doors and windows. You can colour your shed to blend in with the surroundings or match your brand colours—the choice is yours.

Colorguard paint products carry an industry leading warranty of up to 36 years (conditions apply). Now compare that to the competition.
Make the most of our special prices today—they won’t be around anywhere near as long as our sheds.

Custom Colour Selection

We offer more standard colours than our competitors, allowing customers to be truly creative with colour schemes

The Construction Process

Once you are satisfied with the design we can start to manufacture your shed

We aim for really short lead times because we know how costly delays and missed deadlines can be for your business.

We supply the shed as a complete kitset including detailed ‘how to’ instructions and full comprehensive engineering reports so you can erect the shed yourself. Bear in mind some of the larger sheds will require specialist lifting equipment.

It is really important to have a suitable clear area ready to receive the kitset. You need to store the cladding panels above mud or water, ideally on timber beams. Do not store steel components on steel as different types of metal may cause corrosion issues.

It’s a really good idea to store smaller items such as windows and doors separately from the main framing components to avoid damage.

You can of course let us do all the hard yards and the heavy lifting. We can organise and manage all the work required for complete industrial shed installation including all council paperwork and any required concrete slab work. We use reputable, reliable and experienced builders so you can relax knowing your shed will meet all council requirements.

Please remember that sheds must be erected on a level site and some earthworks may be required. This is an additional cost. Please let us know if your shed site is on sloping ground when you request a quote.

Complete Industrial Shed Installation

Protective Sheds can organise and manage all the work required for complete industrial shed installation

Industrial Shed Prices

We can offer great deals due to bulk stock ordering

Thanks to the bulk purchasing power of the Shed Alliance we can offer you some of the best value industrial sheds around. Protective Sheds aim to provide industry-leading industrial and commercial sheds at amazing prices. Together with our national bulk buying power you can make the most of our cheaper prices when you call us today.

Our industrial sheds will protect your business and your wallet.

Affordable Priced Industrial Sheds

Bulk buying of materials, offers affordable prices for our customers